Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle – The Queens Of Bollywood


You might not recognize their names or faces, but you’ve heard the singing of sisters Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle many times already. Together they hold the Guinness World Record for most recorded singers in history, each sister singing in over a thousand (!) Bollywood movies since the 1940s – and they’re still recording today. Pretty much when you think of Bollywood music and any sort of Indian female singing, you’re thinking of these two.

In Bollywood films, attractive young actresses lip sync and dance to Lata and Asha’s voices, which might be the reason why you don’t recognize them since they’re doing all the work off camera. With music being such an important part of Bollywood, the most popular movie industry in the world, these sisters are considered true living legends of world cinema and music.

Below are two examples of each sister’s singing, two from older Bollywood films and another from a more recent movie. This shows how Bollywood has changed over the decades but how some aspects, like the singing of these two legends, hasn’t changed.

Lata Mangeshkar – “Chalte Chalte” (from 1971’s Pakeezah)


Asha Bhosle – “Dum Maro Dum” (from 1971’s Hare Krishna Hare Rama)


Asha Bhosle – “Mujhse Dosti Karoge” (from 2002’s Mujhse Dosti Karoge)


And just to prove that these woman are really the singers, watch Lata’s live performance below.

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