Ladies And Gentlemen, The New Norah Jones?

When I watched the video for Norah Jones’s new single “Happy Pills” I honestly didn’t know what to expect.  She has evolved from that cute New York Jazz pianist from the early 2000s to…well this


Her new sound is so cool (a lot of it has to do with Danger Mouse) and I’m liking her new image.  I mean, just look at her album cover for her upcoming release Little Broken Hearts.

Very Tarantino-esk.  All this makes me wonder – is this the new Norah Jones?


Let’s just go through some of her music to put things into perspective.  First song is her mega hit from her excellent debut Come Away From Me.


Now the next track is off her latest album The Fall.  Something sounds a little different…


As you can hear she still has that soul sound, but now it’s layered and a little heavier, and she sounds more like an indie princess rather than a jazz queen.  What I thought was just an experimental phase could now very well be what we should expect from her from now on.  Honest I don’t think this is a bad change.  Personally I’m excited that Norah Jones is evolving her sound, especially because it sounds so good.

Buy Little Broken Hearts when it comes out May 1st and you’ll be able to say if you approve of the new Norah Jones.  In the mean time, let’s remember why we love this girl in the first place.

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