In Case You Missed It: John Mayer’s New Song And Tour!

Well the wait is over – John Mayer is back in the spotlight.

Yesterday the famed pop star unexpectedly released a new song, “Shadow Days”, which I’m assuming is off his new album (I believe it’s titled Born and Raised)!

When I first heard this song I’m not going to lie, I thought it wasn’t that great.  It’s very simple and the lyrics aren’t too in depth compared to some of his best songs.  It’s almost exactly how I felt about “Who Says” at first.  I hated that song for being a near sell-out song.  Over time though, the song grew on me and now I think it’s a great Mayer song.  “Shadow Days” will probably grow on me quickly, so I’m not worried about the quality of his new album.

Here’s “Shadow Days”


But wait, there’s more!

Mayer has also released a schedule for his upcoming tour, and he’s coming to Bloomington!  I will try my hardest to get tickets to the show, but I know I’ll have to fight for them.  Wish me luck!

Click here to see the full tour schedule.

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