In Case You Missed It: Arcade Fire Reveals Official Reflektor Artwork, Audio and Music Video


Above is the confirmed album artwork for Arcade Fire’s new album Reflektor, and the band has bestowed upon us the official audio AND music video for the single that takes the name of the album.

The following has also been confirmed about the new album:

  • Release date is October 29th.
  • It will be a double album.
  • That’s David Bowie (!) you’re hearing on “Reflektor”.
  • James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem mastermind) helped produce the album.
  • Arcade Fire will be the musical guest for the season premiere of Saturday Night Live (with Tina Fey hosting!) on September 28th.
  • The album artwork features the statues of Greek legends Orpheus and Eurydice. Check out a quick Greek history lesson via Consequence of Sound.
  • Here is the awesome video below

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