How To Steal Like An Artist – Austin Kleon

I have some great inspiration for y’all today.  Austin Kleon is a writer and artist from Austin, Texas who has written some terrific pieces concerning creativity in the digital age.  One of his writings is something I refer to on almost a daily basis for writing my own music.  It’s called “How To Steal Like An Artist” and it has become so popular that it is now a book.

This picture pretty much sums up what Kleon has to say in this writing.

Kleon goes through each point in great detail and gives some great insight on being creative in the digital age.  I highly recommend any creative person to check out what Austin has to say (follow the link below).

Click here to check out more info on “How To Steal Like An Artist” and on Austin Kleon and his other writings, including his famous book Newspaper Blackout.  Austin also has a great Twitter @austinkleon.

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