Hidden Gems: Pete Yorn – Musicforthemusicafter

An album you can get lost in.

The name might not ring any bells, but Pete Yorn has been making music for the majority of the 2000’s, starting with this album released in 2001.  Though released 10 years ago, this album has aged incredibly well and, if released this year, would still sound as fresh as it did back in 2001.

The songs are lush and will get stuck in your head for long periods of time.  Songs like “Black” and “Murray” sound like pop classics in the making, and the album has an incredible balance between fast-paced power-pop songs (“For Nancy”) and slow, dreamy-like acoustic ballads (“EZ”).

This is an album you can listen to from start to finish and find very little filler.  Yorn’s voice might be hard to get used to at first, but this album grows on you over time, and it’ll stay on you for a long time.

To view this video you’ll have to press the link that’ll take you to youtube to watch it.  I’m working on making it easier to view the videos but until then here you go!

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