Hidden Gems: Jet – Get Born

They Will Be Missed.

Yesterday I received some sad news.  The Australian band Jet, after thirteen years and three albums, had announced their breakup.  Jet is best known as the band responsible for the hit “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” back in 2003.

It’s a catchy song, and it’s usually bunched in with the other singles from the early 2000s that brought back rock & roll to its roots.  The song got huge but the albums, and the band, didn’t.  It’s not surprising Jet broke up – they never had another hit nearly as big as “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” and their last two albums are less than spectacular.

However, it’s their first album Get Born that holds a special place in my heart.  This was one of the first albums I can remember knowing every single track to, and my dad and I would listen to this album on repeat every time we were in the car together (that and New Radicals).

Get Born has two sides, its “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” side and its Rolling Stone ballad side.  The latter is where Jet shines.  There is nothing on Get Born that hasn’t been done before, but that doesn’t matter.  I love this album because the guitars are rocking, the lyrics are well done, and the songs are well written.  They can sound like Rolling Stone and AC/DC rip offs at times, but they managed to be good imitators of good rock & roll, which in the early 2000s was exactly what we needed.  Nostalgia aside, sometimes familiarity isn’t a bad thing, and Get Born reminds us what we love in good old rock & roll.

Here’s a very appropriate song from Get Born.  Jet will always have a special place in my heart.  Thanks for the memories.

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