Happy Days: Happy LCD Soundsystem Day!

Tonight at selected theaters across the country, Shut Up And Play The Hits will be playing, and if you can go then go! The movie follows James Murphy and his very last show with LCD Soundsystem at Madison Square Garden on April 2, 2011. Below is the movie’s trailer.

In honor of this special day, let’s us for a second stop to reflect on the awesomeness that is James Murphy and LCD Soundsystem.

The band only released three albums, but they are all great albums that fused punk and disco, and the music helped define what indie music could be in the 2000s. The middle album, 2007’s Sound Of Silver, is the band’s crowning acheivment. A dance record that just about every music fan could love, this nine track effort is a genuinely great record that manages to make you think while you dance, and it makes all the David Bowie comparisons just. Click here to see more of my review of Sound Of Silver.

If you’re not familiar with James Murphy, click here to read an excellent NPR article explaining why you should love LCD Soundsystem.

Below I’ve got some of the band’s best songs, including “All My Friends”, which I consider to be one of the best songs I’ve ever heard (sorry that I’m not sorry for making such a claim).

“Losing My Edge”


“Daft Punk Is Playing At My House”


“North American Scum”


“Someone Great”


“All My Friends”


“Dance Yrself Clean”

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