Happy Days: Happy Labor Day! (And Blog Update)

Happy Labor Day everyone!  Today is a day to celebrate our country’s vast and diverse workforce and how hard they work to make our lives easier.  Today is especially great because IU doesn’t have classes today 🙂

BLOG UPDATE: This is my first post since I’ve moved down to Bloomington – the past two weeks have been crazy!  I’m starting to find my place at IU while still discovering more of what college has to offer.  I’m going to try and get back to blogging daily, but now I would like to add more “personality” to Headphone Nation.  There are a lot of cool things I want to share with all of you that isn’t music related.  But don’t worry, Bloomington is a local music oasis – a perfect resource for this blog to continue to put the music first.

I can’t wait for these next four years, and I’m glad we can go through this together, all while discussing music.

Peace and love,


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