GENTLE LOVE – “Singing Emotions”


Album: Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies

Release: 2014

Label: Scarlet Moon Records

When I moved to New York this summer I already had a few songs picked out for my days and nights living in the city. I actually had a full playlist ready to go. These were overly romantic songs which, in my head, would be the songs that I would listen to while walking through the streets of Manhattan or sitting by a window and quietly observing the tall buildings and fancy New Yorkers surrounding me. Norah Jones, Belle & Sebastian, Simon & Garfunkel, early Bob Dylan, Velvet Underground, and more. If this sounds like Kid Moves From The Midwest To New York City And Golly Look At All The Bright Lights, then you’re right.

However, I just heard a song that trumps any Norah Jones or Belle & Sebastian – and it’s a song from the video game Chrono Cross! It’s actually a jazzy-reinterpretation of one of game’s songs, “Singing Emotions”, but I wouldn’t think twice if it was in a Woody Allen movie. Since Woody Allen movies are the reason why many people move from the midwest to New York, this song fits right in.

The song was originally composed by Yasunori Mitsuda for the 1999 Playstation game, yet in the hands of GENTLE LOVE (AYAKI on piano, Norihiko Hibino on saxophone, and Naoko Sato on percussion) this song could now replace Gershwin’s “Rhapsody In Blue” in the opening credits of Manhattan.

The rest of this album is also worth checking out – Prescription for Sleep includes jazz reinterpretations of songs from classic video games such as Super Mario 64, multiple Final Fantasy and Elder Scrolls games, Donkey Kong Country, and many more. This year another album in the series came out and it includes more video game music as cool jazz. Check it out and enjoy.

Listen to the original version below: