Friday Mixtape (July 31, 2015)


Throughout the week I keep track of all the new songs I hear and love and every friday I put them all here. Most of these songs are brand new, but sometimes I’ll miss a song from before and finally hear it this week.

Natural Child – “DTV”

The kind of throw back rock & roller that belongs in a Tarantino film.

Miserable Chillers – “Silvery”

If the Kinks were around long enough to try bedroom pop.

Ten Fé – “Make Me Better”

This sounds more like the Stone Roses than all those early 90s Stone Roses rip offs. I love it.

Gloria Ann Taylor – “Love Is A Hurtin’ Thing”

Very rarely does soul/R&B sound this raw.

Diggs Duke – “We Grieve”

Diggs Duke is a jazz man who plays Jazz, man.

Arbes – “Key Largo”

Why am I not at a beach or driving along Pacific Coast Highway to this song right now?

Professor Brian Oblivion – “Big Talk”

A soothing beat that reminds me of walking through the streets of Tokyo at night.

Small Black – “Boys Life”

Another solid hit from Bloomington-based Jagjaguwar (go Hoosiers!).

Tenement – “Keep Your Mouth Shut”

Their latest album Predatory Headlights came out last month, but I finally got around to listening it. Man I wish I heard this album earlier, otherwise it’d be on my mid-year list of favorite albums of 2015. This song, like the album, is weird and ambitious power pop.


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