Friday Mixtape (7.17.15)

Big Huge

(Big Huge @ Shea Stadium 7.9.15)

Throughout the week I keep track of all the new songs I hear and love and every friday I put them all here. Most of these songs are brand new, but sometimes I’ll miss a song from before and finally hear it this week.

New to this week: A new name (now Friday Mixtapes instead of Week In Review) and I’ve learned how to make GIFs!

Korallreven – “Do you remember when we got all that cash for this remix and it never even got released?”

A fast-paced, somewhat cartoonish take on Jamie xx’s “Gosh”. Yes, that is the actual title.

Protomartyr – “Why Does It Shake?”

Last year’s Under Color of Official Right, the Detroit band’s first release under Hardly Art, was so gloriously dark and noisy that it could make you fall in love with post-punk all over again. “Why Does It Shake?” has a (somewhat) cleaner sound, so I’m excited to hear what the rest of The Agent Intellect will sound like.

Unicornio – “Unirock I”

“Unirock I” was actually released in 1982 by Venezuelan boy band Unicornio, but I found it on The Bins’ SoundCloud and it includes hilarious mini covers of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, and more. Still sounds great after 33 years.

No Vacation – “Dream Girl”

Another breezy summer jam from one of the more consistent (and interesting) breezy summer bands.

good try – “get me”

Another group that reminds me of the Girlpool aesthetic that has been so popular in 2015, but this song has an actual buildup and climax.

Miguel – “Leaves”

The only song that stood out to me on Wildheart was “Coffee” until I read that the guitar riff in “Leaves” sounded so much like Smashing Pumpkins’s “1979” that Miguel gave Billy Corgan co-writing credits. Now it’s my favorite Miguel song.

White Reaper – “Pills”

The Louisville band’s excellent full-length debut album White Reaper Does It Again comes out today!

BAIO (Chris Baio) – “Sister Of Pearl”

This is the first single off Chris Baio’s (Vampire Weekend) debut solo album The Names, which comes out on September 18th on Glassnote.

State Champion – “Don’t Leave Home Without My Love”

State Champion’s latest album Fantasy Error is quickly becoming one of my favorite albums of 2015 so far. It’s like if this year’s emocore revival sounded more like Whiskeytown.

Whitewash – “Tentacle”

Whitewash is a young NYU band that channels psychedelia into tasteful grooves that will please fans of Tame Impala and Mac DeMarco. Also, one of the band members runs a music blog called No Smoking Media and it’s worth checking out.

SPORTS – “Saturday”

Sounds as lovely as actual Saturdays.

The Death Of Pop – “Nowhere”

If this band puts out more stuff like “Nowhere”, pop is far from dead.

RAC – “Back Of The Car (Moullinex Remix)”

A remix of a song by my favorite remix artist.

City Calm Down – “Rabbit Run”

Reminds me of the National if they listened to more of the Cure. The ban’d full-length debut is coming out November via I OH YOU.

Montgomery – “Pinata”

This song came out last year, but I love its Drive vibe so much that I had to post it here.

Adult Mom – “Laying On My Floor”

Its simple yet disarming delivery draws you in and makes you wish that it wouldn’t stop so short.

Lee Meadvin – “Drink Coffee”

That opening guitar riff needs to be sampled in some cool rap song ASAP, but “Drink Coffee” is brilliant on its own as a lean jazz-lounge groove that keeps its spell on you and never lets go.

Y’all have a good weekend, I’m gonna go listen to the new Wilco album for the billionth time.