Extra! Extra!: Three New Albums For This Fall Announced (And You Should Be Excited)

We may have just started Summer, but I’m already excited for Fall. Today I have found out that new albums from Bob Dylan, Mumford & Sons, and The Killers are scheduled to be released this fall, two of them for September.

Bob Dylan will release his 35th (35th people!!!) album as early as this September. Not much is known, except that apparently there are two tracks over eight minutes long and one of them is about the Titanic. The question is, will it be as awesome as “Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands” or “Desolation Row”?


Mumford and Sons have announced that their follow up to their smash debut will be released in Europe September 24th, but no word yet on when the American release will be. Check out their new song “Where Are You Now” below (song starts at 4:03). These English lads have a lot to prove – will they defeat the dreaded sophomore slump or fall into obscurity as a one-album wonder?


The fourth Killers’ album, and their first one in four years, will be titled Battle Born. Check out a live version of “The Rising Tide”, which will be off the new album. Judging by this song, it sounds like a continuation of Day & Ages.


It’s great to have something to look forward to for the Fall. Thanks to CoS for the news!

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