Extra! Extra!: The Replacements Announce Reunion Shows (And Nostalgic Indie-Rock Fans Weep For Joy)


The Replacements, one of the most celebrated indie-rock bands of all time (and one of my favorite bands), have announced that they are reuniting at Chicago’s Riot Fest along with two shows in Denver and Toronto.



The above picture was my, along with every young and old hipster’s, reaction to the news.

This is huge.

Now my inner fan boy wants to ramble on about how incredible and meaningful this reunion will be for a lot of people, but I’ll save you the long reading. Exaggerations aside, it’s fair to say that a lot of modern bands are playing music now because when they were first starting out they were probably listening to The Replacements.

Now keep in mind that these guys haven’t played with each other since their infamous final show back in Chicago on the Fourth of July in 1991 and that this band was notorious for being either the greatest or worst band live (depending on their states of mind). Also, this band has been glorified over the years by a lot of people who were probably in elementary school when the band broke up. But even if the shows aren’t that great, this is still a huge moment for indie-rock fans everywhere.

For the full details on the shows, click here. And in the meantime, do yourself a favor and listen to some Replacements, preferably Let It Be and Tim.

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