Extra! Extra!: New Fleet Foxes Album!

Today Fleet Foxes’s new album Helplessness Blues comes out!  Go out to your Best Buy, Barns and Noble, iTunes, or favorite local record store and purchase the album.

I’m about more than halfway through the album and so far I really like what I hear.  The album is more adventurous and more varied than their debut album.  “Helplessness Blues” is the perfect single from this album and a good showcase of what most of the album sounds like, and it’s actually the song that got me into the band.  There are a few other stand-out songs, but all the songs flow very well together – this is more of an album experience than listening to each song individual and seeing which one you’ll put on your iPod.

I will say that if you don’t care for the band’s first album and you don’t like “Helplessness Blues”, then there’s not much here to change your mind about these guys.  Of course with every album, only time will tell if it’s any good.  How many albums have you listened to for the first time and loved it, only to never listened to it again?  Or how many times have you listened to an album for the first time and was unimpressed with it at first, but later it becomes one of your favorite albums?

Even if it’s not the best album of the year, Helplessness Blues will probably have the best album cover of the year.

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