Extra! Extra!: New Death Cab For Cutie Album!

Death Cab For Cutie’s new album Codes and Keys comes out today!  I have read some reviews of the album from various websites, and what I’m getting from most critics is that this isn’t a bad album, but it could have been much better and it feels uninspired for this band.  I have been a fan of these guys for a while (“I Will Follow You Into The Dark” is the song I performed when I did my first open mic night) and I will still go out and buy the album to support the band.  Even if this won’t be the band’s best album – that title belongs to Transatlanticism so farI bet there are still some great songs that I will keep on my ipod for a while.  Below is the music video from the album’s lead single “You Are A Tourist”, one of the better music videos I have seen from a band that has made some excellent videos.

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