Extra! Extra!: Bruce Springsteen Confirms New Album And Its First Single

A couple of days ago I put down a possible Bruce Springsteen release as one of the albums to look forward to in 2012.  However, an actual new album from The Boss wasn’t for sure – until now.  Springsteen has confirmed his new album Wrecking Ball to be released on March 6th.  And, as if that news wasn’t exciting enough, the album’s first single “We Take Care Of Our Own” is already out.

The single is good – it reminds me of The Rising with the production of Magic.  It has a dark, mature tone like The Rising and Magic, both of which stand among the best of The Boss’s work.  Also, I like this song more than anything that came off of Working On A Dream.  I don’t want to judge a whole album based on one song, but I am hopeful that Wrecking Ball will be a great album.

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