Double Feature: Two Alternative Tracks Off That One Bob Dylan Album You Don’t Care For


It’s easy to be a Bob Dylan fan if you just stick within his first decade of music, but trying to venture into his post 60s career is a risky endeavor. Though everyone loves Blood On The Tracks and everything after Time Out Of Mind, most of Dylan’s studio albums after Blonde On Blonde are hit or miss.

The latest entry into the brilliant Bob Dylan Bootleg Series, Another Self Portrait, is a look at Dylan’s work from 1969-1971, which was a very odd time for Dylan. In this time he released a country classic (Nashville Skyline), a notorious flop (Self Portrait) and New Morning, one of Dylan’s more under-appreciated albums. The album is full of slow country folk songs with less focus on the lyrics and more on the songwriting. The album is pleasant but lacks a standout song (though fans of The Big Lebowski will recognize “The Man In Me”) and for many people the album can be underwhelming.

However, Another Self Portrait has shed another light on this album, and the results are great. Both New Morning and Another Self Portrait are worth looking into. So do it.

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