Double Feature: Laurie Anderson – “O Superman”, Imogen Heap – “Hide and Seek”

I wonder if Imogen Heap was a Laurie Anderson fan.  Her song “Hide and Seek” is great, but it seems to be more of a tribute to “O Superman”, which was released in 1982.  Listen and see if you can hear the similarities.

“O Superman”


“Hide and Seek”

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  1. I’m fascinate with yuor music
    I’m from Colombia South America and live in
    Bogota and I’ll hope some day you wil be there
    Guillermo Fonnegra

  2. Funny, hadn’t heard “O Superman” since taking Andy Hollinden’s History of Rock and Roll while at IU 😉 Nice flashback post … and hearing “Hide and Seek” after a couple years’ not hearing it, I can remember why I liked it so much before the OC killed it by inciting endless parody (i.e. “What’d You Say” parody on SNL) … digging this blog, thanks for alerting me to it on my site 😉 I’ll have to add this to my blogroll whenever I actually get around to updating that blasted thing! lol …

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