Classics In The Making: LCD Soundsystem – Sound of Silver

A dance record for those who don’t like dance music.

In the 80s we had The Talking Heads and David Byrne, and in the 2000s we had LCD Soundsystem and James Murphy.  Murphy’s band blends together the beats of house music but is very faithful to the rock music he loves.  While rock and dance genres don’t normally go well together, Sound of Silver manages to create a sound that both dancers and rockers can move to.  It’s rock music you can dance to!

The album starts off slow with “Get Innocuous!”, and for about about two minutes it seems like the song is going nowhere.  Casual listeners might struggle to stay in the song, but if you wait long enough the vocals kick in, the drums kick harder, and the groove will enter your body and will not come out.  From there the album jumps around great tracks with lyrics of noticeable depth.  Murphy sings about loosing a dear friend (“Someone Great”), getting older and still trying to be cool (“All My Friends”), the love-hate relationship he has with his favorite city (“New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down”), and anything else cool people who live in New York talk about.

The most incredible thing about this album is that it’s meant to be listened to as an album – whole, uninterrupted, and revolving around a concept.  There are no weak tracks here, but listening to them individually out of order won’t sound as good as listening to the album from start to finish, a task that might be too much for the mp3 generation to handle.  The only possible exception is “All My Friends”, Murphy’s most accessible song and one of the best songs of the past decade.

So this is rare, in the age of downloading where the emphasis is on an individual track, that Murphy is putting emphasis on the whole thing, and he’s all the better for it.  This is proof that the album is not dead, not yet anyways.

Follow the link to watch a shortened (but still awesome!) video for “All My Friends.”

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