Extra! Extra!: The Most Epic Monday In A Long Time

Today I woke up to a handful of great music news, all of which I’m gonna share with y’all. So let’s get right to it!

Here’s the new video for Jack White’s “Freedom at 21”, one of the better tracks off of Blunderbuss.


Here’s “Oh Love”, the first single off the first album in the upcoming Green Day album trilogy.


Here’s No Doubt’s first single “Settle Down” from Push and Shove, their first album in over a decade.


And finally, Mumford & Son’s new album has a release date, a track list, and an album cover! Click here to see them all.


Oh, and Ben Folds Five announce their reunion album The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind. To see more info, including the track list and tour dates, click here.


Happy Monday people, and as always thank you to Consequence of Sound for the music news.

Extra! Extra!: The Avett Brothers Announce New Album Title, Release Date, and First Single!

And you can hear the single too!

I’ve been waiting a long time to write this post.

The Avett Brothers have finally announced that their new album, the follow up to their excellent 2009 LP I And Love And You, will be released on September 11th! The album will be called The Carpenter and the first single is called “Live and Die”. The album will again be produced by Rick Rubin and, judging from hearing the new song, will continue the sound of their last album but with a little more beef, which is a good thing.

Click here to see more information on the album and a link to hear the new song!

Extra! Extra!: The Strokes Are Hard At Work On Their New Album

Well that didn’t take long.

It only feels like yesterday that last year’s Angles came out and reassured us that The Strokes are still capable of making great music. Now the New Yorkers are back in the studio working on their next album!

I would love it if these guys made an album just as good as Is This It?, but I was happy with Angels so if anything these guys will make another great album. It is interesting to point out that this will be the band’s last album under their RCA Record contract. Will The Strokes pull off a Radiohead and give away their album for any price you want?? Stay Tuned!

Extra! Extra!: Three New Albums For This Fall Announced (And You Should Be Excited)

We may have just started Summer, but I’m already excited for Fall. Today I have found out that new albums from Bob Dylan, Mumford & Sons, and The Killers are scheduled to be released this fall, two of them for September.

Bob Dylan will release his 35th (35th people!!!) album as early as this September. Not much is known, except that apparently there are two tracks over eight minutes long and one of them is about the Titanic. The question is, will it be as awesome as “Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands” or “Desolation Row”?


Mumford and Sons have announced that their follow up to their smash debut will be released in Europe September 24th, but no word yet on when the American release will be. Check out their new song “Where Are You Now” below (song starts at 4:03). These English lads have a lot to prove – will they defeat the dreaded sophomore slump or fall into obscurity as a one-album wonder?


The fourth Killers’ album, and their first one in four years, will be titled Battle Born. Check out a live version of “The Rising Tide”, which will be off the new album. Judging by this song, it sounds like a continuation of Day & Ages.


It’s great to have something to look forward to for the Fall. Thanks to CoS for the news!

Music Journal: Hello (Constructive) Summer!

Well ladies and gentlemen, my freshman year of college is at an end.  It was an incredible year and I look forward to coming back this fall.  However with that said, it’s time to enjoy some sunshine!

This summer will be hectic for me.  I will be taking summer classes and giving guitar lessons for pay.  But what I’m most excited for is my internship!  This summer I will intern with Consequence of Sound!  I’m very excited for this awesome learning experience to enhance my writing and blogging skills.

This will be a busy summer, but I will do my best to continue bringing the best of my music world to y’all.  Stay tuned throughout the summer for music news, reviews, and whatever the hell else I feel like posting.

This will definitely be a, wait for it, constructive summer!


Go out and enjoy the sunshine.

Tune in. Tune out. Live on.

Music Journal: April Recap – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Turns 10 And Woody Guthrie Turns 100

Oh yeah, and the Lollapalooza 2012 lineup was announced….nothing big.

Happy 10th Birthday Yankee Hotel Foxtrot!

Ten years ago in April, Wilco’s seminal 4th album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was released after a long battle against their record label that wouldn’t release the damn thing.  It’s a great story (click here to see a brief summary), but the real reason we’re celebrating  is because the music has aged very well.  This is one of my favorite albums that I highly recommend to anyone.


Happy 100th Birthday Woody Guthrie!

April held another special birthday, which also had something to do with Wilco.  Woody Guthrie would have turned 100 this April, and if you don’t know who he is, he’s (arguably) the most influential American folk musician ever.  His influence on musicians such as a young Bob Dylan was crazy, and he wrote “This Land Is Your Land”, a song that has been seriously debated to replace “The Star Spangled Banner” as America’s national anthem.

Now back in the late 90s Wilco and British folk singer Billy Bragg collaborated on Mermaid Avenue, a tribute album in a sense that took old Guthrie lyrics and updated the music to reintroduce the folk singer to a new generation.  In April, to celebrate Woody’s birthday, the entire Mermaid Avenue sessions were released, with the original albums and new material.  This is a terrific collection and a high recommendation for anyone who wants to get into folk music.


Lollapalooza 2012 Lineup Announced

Lollapalooza, one of America’s most commercially successful music festivals, announced its lineup for this year.  The three day festival will happen in Chicago August 3-5.  Click here to see the full lineup and click here to see my reaction to this year’s lineup.


Album Of The Month: Jack White – Blunderbuss

One of rock & roll’s most dependable figures finally released his first solo album, and it doesn’t disappoint.  White dabbles in different genres which he puts together coherently, yet everything is grounded in rock & roll tradition.  The album successfully both pumps you up and slows you down.


Song I Listened To The Most This Month: M. Ward – “Clean Slate”

M. Ward has always been one of those artist I knew I would probably like but did not know what album to start with.  I think now I’ve finally found that album.  A Wasteland Companion, which was also released this April, is a very appealing introduction to the indie-folkie.  The album opener “Clean Slate” is a magic slow jam of a song, and has been on repeat all month.

Music Journal: The Beginning Of The End

Wow this year has gone fast.  I’ve had an incredible freshman year at Indiana, and it’s going to end on a high note.  Today is the kick off for Little 5 week, which is nationally known as the greatest college week in the nation.  This week will be full of activities around campus, the women’s race on Friday, then the men’s race on Saturday.  After the week ends it’ll go straight into dead week (no assignments are assigned), followed by finals week, then that’s all she wrote.

My blogging will not be as frequent due to all these events in the next couple of weeks, but I’ll still try to write whenever I can.

Here’s a little something to keep ya’ll occupied while I get to work on my studies.