Hear A Song From Pete Yorn’s New Band (And Watch Him Bowl)

One of my favorite singer-songwriters Pete Yorn is back, but this time he’s with a new band. He and JD King have formed The Olms, and below you can watch the music video for “Wanna Feel It”, which I hope will be from an upcoming album. It’s not so much a music video as it is an old recording of some dudes bowling, but hey it’s great hearing anything new Yorn related.

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Extra! Extra!: Listen To The New Queens Of The Stone Age Song (Because It’s Good, And It’s QOTSA)


Above is the official album cover for the upcoming album …Like Clockwork and the band just released the first single “My God Is The Sun” which you can listen to below.

Apparently Elton John is on the new album, which mean …Like Clockwork is already at least the 7th best album of 2013.

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Extra! Extra!: Stream The New Knife Album (A Week Before Release)


Head over to Consequence of Sound here to hear the Knife’s new album¬†Shaking the Habitual, the band’s first album in seven years. Make sure you have some time to kill though, the album is an hour and a half long!

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Extra! Extra!: The Strokes Have Announced That They Might Release A Single Soon Maybe Possibly


Any Strokes news is good news, so this morning I came across some good news. According to Consequence of Sound, the New York City band will soon release to the public “All the Time”, their first single off their untitled fifth album.

I haven’t heard the song yet and I already love it.

Here’s some more Strokes to keep you occupied until “All the Time”.

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Extra! Extra!: Hear The New Mumford and Sons Single “I Will Wait”!

Well it’s finally upon us. After almost half of the album appearing online in live footages, Mumford & Sons have formally released “I Will Wait”, the first single from their upcoming album Babel.¬†It’s great to finally hear a proper version of some new Mumford & Sons.


Babel is set to be released on September 25th.

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Extra! Extra!: The Most Epic Monday In A Long Time

Today I woke up to a handful of great music news, all of which I’m gonna share with y’all. So let’s get right to it!

Here’s the new video for Jack White’s “Freedom at 21”, one of the better tracks off of Blunderbuss.


Here’s “Oh Love”, the first single off the first album in the upcoming Green Day album trilogy.


Here’s No Doubt’s first single “Settle Down” from Push and Shove, their first album in over a decade.


And finally, Mumford & Son’s new album has a release date, a track list, and an album cover! Click here to see them all.


Oh, and Ben Folds Five announce their reunion album The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind. To see more info, including the track list and tour dates, click here.


Happy Monday people, and as always thank you to Consequence of Sound for the music news.

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