Wukong the Monkey King

Wukong the Monkey King: For Fans of King Lizard & The Gizzard Lizzard

Wukong the Monkey King


Wukong the Monkey King is a five-piece fusion band based in Auckland, New Zealand that could be the more mellow spiritual sibling to Australia’s King Lizard & The Gizzard Lizzard. The music is all over the place, in the best way possible; jazzy freakouts, spoken word interludes, actual bass playing, those drums – all excellent. “Ode to Keen” is the most fun and “Blue Ball” is my favorite for being straight up soul. Check out more via their website.

Fat Freddy’s Drop


From: Wellington, New Zealand

Sounds Like: The smoothest jam band you’ve ever heard

There seems to be a tendency to define World Music as music that’s not spoken in English. This doesn’t really work though since a good portion of people in the world speak English and, to non-Americans, Americana music is technically World Music. So World Music can still be sung in English, but what makes music “World” is its sound and its origins, whether it’s just from one country or if it’s a blend of various cultures.

Fat Freddy’s Drop is a mix of so many different musical genres – dub, reggae, soul, jazz, R&B, jamband – that this really is the world’s music all blended into one sweet fusion. The band has actually been around for a while and are very well known and successful in their native New Zealand, but I think that it’s time for the United States to catch on.

My personal favorite is 2009’s Dr. Boondigga & The Big BW, but all their albums are good.