Music History 101: Radiohead’s Awkward MTV Gig


Today’s lesson: Radiohead’s awkward performance of “Creep” on MTV’s Beach House.

In 1993 Radiohead was a struggling young band trying to catch a break. Their first single (and still probably their most famous song) “Creep” was slowly climbing up the charts, and it wasn’t long before MTV wanted to cash in on this new and upcoming band.

Below is the infamous MTV Beach House performance, where a young Radiohead plays an awkward show for a young crowd that thinks they like Radiohead but they’re not sure.

Its beauty lies in its awkwardness. Enjoy.

Music History 101: Next Time You Get Booed On Stage Ask Yourself – What Would Sinead O’Connor Do?

Ladies and gentlemen, what I’m about to show you is pretty badass.

At a Bob Dylan tribute show, notorious Irish rocker Sinead O’Connor is about to perform when she is booed so intensely that she cannot perform.

But first let’s back up.  Earlier she played Saturday Night Live and during her performance she ripped a picture of the Pope in protest of child abuse in the Catholic Church.  Not a good thing to do for your career right?  Well the crowd was still pissed at her and they made sure she would not be able to perform.

So how does she respond?

She sings (borderline shouts) the lyrics to Bob Marley’s “War” with a few changes in the lyrics addressing child abuse.  Here is the video.

This was pretty much the equivalent of the middle finger.

It also must be pointed out the irony in this entire set up.  The crowd is full of Bob Dylan fans, and last time I check there was another show that was booed….has something to do with Judas….

Music History 101: A Typical Punk Show In The 80s

Ah 80’s punk, what a special thing.  The music was loud, in your face, and gave you a bloody nose.  I’ve grown up with concerts being a two-hour event of staring at the band with your arms folded waiting for the band to play your favorite song as you modestly bob your head to the beat (but you dare not actually dance to the music – you don’t want to be THAT guy who actually gets into the music).  Hopefully you can pick up my sarcasm, for most shows I’ve been to lack an exciting atmosphere.  At an 80’s punk show you’re literally fighting for your life as you attack everyone around you to the music.

Here is the Circle Jerks (nice name right?) playing five songs in five minutes.  Try not to hurt yourself.

Music History 101: Imagine Playing Your Second Ever Show In Front Of Half A Million People…

Can you imagine that?  Well that’s exactly what happened to David Crosby, Stephen Stills, and Graham Nash.

These acclaimed musicians came together in 1968 to form Crosby, Stills, and Nash, and the group released their debut album the following year.  That summer, the band was asked to do a small gig in Woodstock, New York after only doing one public show together.

The rest is history.

Music History 101: The Only Time Radiohead Played Saturday Night Live

It has been confirmed that Radiohead will be the musical guest for the season premiere of Saturday Night Live on September 24th (With Alec Baldwin hosting!).

As popular as this band is among critics and fans, it will be very strange to see a band like Radiohead on TV performing for a mainly mainstream audience.

Radiohead have performed on SNL only once before, back in 2000 when Kid A came out.  Click here to see them perform “The National Anthem” and you’ll be able to guess why they’ve only played SNL once.  It’s a great performance but it feels out of place on SNL, especially with Kate Hudson cheering in the background.

Also I apologize for the Chinese.  Youtube didn’t have the video, but Tudou did!

Thanks Consequence Of Sound for the story.