Baharat: vintage Israeli surf rock



Baharat is one of the many exciting bands on Batov Records, a London based independent label with sounds from all over the world. I’m drawn to this Tel Aviv three-piece because the music sounds psychedelic but tight, a kaleidoscope sound that doesn’t get in the way of itself. If you like Tame Impala or any music that would fit well in an Urban Outfitters, you’ll especially like this group.

From Batov:

“In middle eastern cuisine it’s well known – ‘don’t forget to add some Baharat to the dish! It always brings the magic!’ We are very pleased and excited to add a special new spice to the Batov Records kitchen…a band of 3 of Tel-Aviv’s finest hipsters, mixing the flavours of middle-eastern sounds with the vintage vibes of surf music. This tasty EP was recorded at home with minimal equipment, superb musicianship, lots of humility, a tape machine and no drugs. It is still a hallucination of timeless tunes.. and if you don’t think we’re objective about it, you are definitely right.”

Baharat: Bandcamp Facebook

Batov Records: SoundCloud Bandcamp Facebook Twitter Website

David Peretz

David Peretz: ambient-like music from Israel that flutters and floats

David Peretz


David Peretz is an Israeli musician who makes ambient-like music that flutters and floats, like the bird on the cover of his latest release. It broods, yet it’s a sound I enjoy getting lost in.

From the Bandcamp bio:

“musician, producer, writer and ‘cultural gardener’, based in Be’er Sheva -on the edge of the desert in the south of Israel. He was the leader of ‘Blueband’ – a melancholic slow core band, and participated in many other alternative projects. Nowadays he leads a musical solo career”

David Peretz: Bandcamp Website Facebook


Tigris: it’s OK to be bizarre as long as you groove like this.



Tel Aviv’s Tigris is a melting pop of different grooves; I hear a few different songs within a single track and it makes me want to dance silly on a beach.

From its Bandcamp bio:

“TIGRIS pulls the East and West African music into a new and surprising musical center. Crazy grooves, special combination of instruments, addictive melodies, and the virtuosity of each band member – puts Tigris in a new territory on the original African music map that covers the world.”

Tigris: Website Bandcamp Facebook

Deaf Chonky

deaf chonky


Israeli new-wave duo Deaf Chonky, made up of Adi Bronicki and Tamka Minsky, has a music video for “Shirley,” a new song off its upcoming LP, Farsh (out August 30th).

The new song by the duo, whose name is a wordplay on the Russian word for “girls” (“девочки”), sounds part surf rock and part Sleater-Kinney, especially when the vocals really kick in and that Riot Grrrl-esque garage rock makes me want to jump into a mosh pit and dance.

Deaf Chonky’s debut release, last year’s Mostly Farsh, is also worth checking out via Bandcamp. Do yourself a favor and do so.

Deaf Chonky: Bandcamp Facebook



Image via Consequence of Sound


Tel Aviv’s Kutiman is a multi-talented songwriter known for a sound that Beehype describes as Herbie-Hancock-Jazz-Funk-Psychedelic. I’d also describe it as a less wavy Tame Impala with more emphasis on the bliss you feel when a giant orchestra overwhelms you.

“Shine Again,” off Kutiman’s new record ‘6AM,’ is glorious in that very euphoric sense. Adam Scheflan, who contributes throughout the album, sings clearly and strong, and his vocals are backed by strings and horns inspired by Middle Eastern and African melodies. It’s like listening to an Eastern sunrise and feeling ready to take on the world. The song, like the rest of the album, is a little bit of everything that somehow comes across as natural – I guess psych pop really does sound best in Israel.

‘6AM’ is the first official release off Kutiman’s own Siyal Music label.

Kutiman: Bandcamp SoundCloud Website Facebook Twitter

Shirly Kones

Shirly Kones


Shirly Kones’ Hebrew-sung folk-pop is an engaging blend of driving drums, playful horns, and moving vocals, making this Israeli songwriter’s music a must-have for your record collection. Her latest release, a self-titled LP, is 10 tracks that at first sound pleasant and familiar but reveal more complexity and beauty with each listen. “Tov Shebat,” the album’s lead single, is a good showcase of the entire record, a balance of sunny whistling and upbeat but serious vocals that, according to Beehype, sing about falling in love too quickly.

Three releases in, Kones is due for the international spotlight she deserves.

Shirly Kones: Facebook