Makoto Kino

Makoto Kino: Mexican experimental artist layers melodies and repetitive drones

Makoto Kino


I can’t look away – from the steadily flashing lights, the mysterious purple room that could be The Black Lodge, to the collage of random assortments of pedals and instruments and cherished (or discarded) anime trinkets. It’s all stunning. In the center is Mexican experimental artist Makoto Kino layering melodies and repetitive drones and turning the room into a fortress of sound. It’s like she’s trying to bring the Loveless album cover to life at 2 a.m. while everyone is still asleep and dreaming. It’s almost otherworldly, and it’s quite beautiful.

Kino’s album is out now on Bandcamp. More information can be found here.


Centavrvs: “the (Mexican) salsa movement of the ’70s, but as if mixed in the future”.



Mexico’s highly popular group Centavrvs mixes the past salsa sounds of the ’70s with modern rock and pop instrumentation.

From Beehype:

“[Centavrvs] explored the idea of combining traditional and modern local sounds. With the celebrations of the centenary of the Mexican Revolution as their pretext, Centavrvs started their own story with this mix of past, present and future…If you want to know how modern Mexican music sounds, Centavrvs is definitively the right choice.”

Centavrvs: Website Facebook Twitter SoundCloud

Shika Shika

Shika Shika: fostering global collaboration between artists across continents

shika shika


From Bandcamp bio:

Shika Shika is a record label without owners for music without borders. We want to bring together producers from around the world exploring the line between organic and electronic music. The platform aims to foster global collaboration between artists, designers, videographers, product designers and creative minds across continents.”

And a full statement on the label’s latest release ‘Mare Insularum’:

“Today marks the dawn of a new era in the politics world and 2016 saw monumental shifts in how the world is shaping up for the future. Inspired by an atmosphere of desperation, frustration and a lack of hope we went to music to seek solace, inspiration and a reminder of the incredible things humans are able to do if they are open minded, work together, cross borders and get creative.

Mare Insularum translates as Sea of Islands and also the name of one of the many lunar seas. In line with Shika Shika’s vision, the album not only showcases music that is blurring borders and genres, seeking inspiration from past and present, but also music that offers hope, escape, inspiration.

We believe in the power of music and we believe in the power of collaboration. Despite the shift in the white house and the apparent slide into a dangerous new world, at Shika Shika we also believe 2017 is going to be a year of resistance and of hope.

We want to say thanks to all the artists for contributing new tracks, edits and pieces directly written for this compilation.”

Shika Shika: Bandcamp SoundCloud Facebook Twitter


F.H.E.L.D.: Acid jazz, electrofunk, Blur, and some Latin-flavored pop



I hear acid jazz, electrofunk, Blur, and some Latin-flavored pop via the mysterious F.H.E.L.D. English Bandcamp translation:

“Telepath is a revelation of what we would like to be as humans. Skip the protocol and directly access our thoughts. However confused they may be. Listen to Telepath ..”

F.H.E.L.D.: Bandcamp