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felipe neiva


Carioca label Transfusão Noise Records is one of Brazil’s best sources for lo-fi and alternative music. The label’s ongoing “Cassete Club” series through its Escritório extension is worth going through to find all new Brazilian indie music.

Felipe Neiva’s “Conte Comigo” is the latest single from the series that stands out to me. Starting out as a pleasant fuzzy indie jam (at first it sounds like Interpol’s “NYC”), the song grows into something exciting and uniquely Brazilian.

I love what Club Fonograma has to say on the song: “This third offering comes from Felipe Neiva, an artist that caught our attention thanks to his song’s somber, wounded spirit laced in affecting guitars. The track initially offers pure indie rock which then timehops back into a 60s freak out, a move that works because it places the vocal’s garbled pleas in the proper context.”

We’re due for a new Felipe Neiva EP later this year, so stay tuned.

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Lila, the stage name of Eliza Lacerda, perfectly captures that feeling of being on a Brazilian beach as the sun is setting and all the lights of the clubs and restaurants start to turn on. I’ve never been to Brazil, but it works for any beach. If I go to Rio one day, I’ll dive into Lila’s ambient yet soulful atmosphere and never want to leave.

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Apanhador Só – “Mordido”


Hometown: Porto Alegre, RS

Sounds Like: If Tom Yorke decided to work with Rid Of Me-era Steve Albini on a song in Portuguese

This band hails from the capital city of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul and have a very unique sound that’s kinda Brazilian folk, kinda Tom Yorke via The Eraser electronic, and kinda industrial punk.

Check out their website here.