Purple Hexagon Records

Purple Hexagon Records: Club, Singapore

When watching the Grammys gets you PUMPED and ready to go CLUBBING. “Purple Hexagon Records is very excited to announce a new episode of the Cocowash Inc. compilation saga. The Wash it’s a powerful journey into the serious underground, featuring some of the most brilliant producers of psychedelic night & twilight music … Founded in 2008 by Dj Kikx, Purple Hexagon Records is a full-spectrum psychedelic music label that supports and is supported by the passion and enthusiasm of many psytrance aficionados around the world.” Bandcamp. –HN


Kad’Hébbé: Club, Lille, France

Desert club grooves via Garage 83-C. “Kad’Hébbé is back et c’est sur Garage 83-C que ça se passe. Symbiose de samples orientaux et de rythmes erratiques : 3 bombes pour dancefloor straight from Lille. Un EP tribal, plein d’effets et de samples chelous, prêt à faire bouger la fesse gauche, la fesse droite, la jambe droite, le mollet gauche et les cheveux.” Bandcamp. –HN

マシンパワードショッピングモール (Machine Powered Shopping Mall)

シンパワードショッピングモール (Machine Powered Shopping Mall): Bedroom Pop, Kyoto, Japan

If Google Translate isn’t deceiving me, then this is an excellent name for experimental Japanese pop that wants to be beach slug metal. Bandcamp. –HN

doin’ fine

doin’ fine: Electronic, Sydney, Australia

Anytime I miss early Beck, I then hear someone like doin’ fine and realize weird and good music is alive and well. Sample funk. “TEEN MILF PRIDE FLAG is my second album, and my most personal work to date. I spent over a year creating all these songs, and I hope u like what i made!! :3” Bandcamp. SoundCloud. Other Streaming Services. –HN