Kad’Hébbé: Club, Lille, France

Desert club grooves via Garage 83-C. “Kad’Hébbé is back et c’est sur Garage 83-C que ça se passe. Symbiose de samples orientaux et de rythmes erratiques : 3 bombes pour dancefloor straight from Lille. Un EP tribal, plein d’effets et de samples chelous, prêt à faire bouger la fesse gauche, la fesse droite, la jambe droite, le mollet gauche et les cheveux.” Bandcamp. –HN

マシンパワードショッピングモール (Machine Powered Shopping Mall)

シンパワードショッピングモール (Machine Powered Shopping Mall): Bedroom Pop, Kyoto, Japan

If Google Translate isn’t deceiving me, then this is an excellent name for experimental Japanese pop that wants to be beach slug metal. Bandcamp. –HN

Elefant Records

Elefant Records: Pop, Madrid, Spain

Elefant Records from Madrid is becoming one of my go-to’s for new releases. This PAPA TOPO album cover tho. “The end of the year is coming, and it has become a tradition to anxiously await the musical bits that are being prepared for us to the New Year’s Eve special “Cachitos De Hierro Y Cromo”. And we can give you a little hint of what to expect. Among the special guests, we are going to hear PAPA TOPO with a very special cover of SONIA Y SELENA. It is an ultra-danceable song that also includes a small tribute: the music base is a sample of the B-side of the first Single from the forgotten group GOMA DE MASCAR, “Soñando En El Cielo”, which is turning exactly 40 years old. We are taking advantage of this occasion to release this Digital Single that is a celebration of parties, of New Year’s, of the anniversary of GOMA DE MASCAR, and that we will be hoping to be with you while you listen to music, one more year.” Bandcamp. –HN