Spa In Disco

Spa In Disco: Groove, Spain

Good disco, no matter when you hear it, will always sound new. It alarms the body. “Born 1977 in Palma De Mallorca. A DJ and Producer influenced by Disco, Funk, NuDisco, Deep, House and Cosmic Disco sounds… Founder of the label, promotion and music agency Spa In Disco which came to light in Mexico 2012. He currently runs it from Spain.” Bandcamp. –HN


Fantazmaz: Punk Rock, London, UK

Someone call Tony Hawk, we got a hit here. “Fantazmaz are a statement as much as a band. Vocalist Thamilla has a commanding and powerful voice that soars with sass whilst providing those irresistible melodies. This is the sound of anger and attitude conveyed with a modern grunge-punk grittiness and rarely does something come along sounding so fitting for the times.” Bandcamp. –HN