HURT ‘EM: Indonesian Hardcore Metal With Punk Spirit



I get the name – if you’re not ready, Indonesia’s HURT ‘EM will hurt you with its blast of fast and furious hardcore metal. I love it. The Depok trio’s debut, Condolence, came out in January on Lawless Records and is 16 tracks long, with the avenge song time of one-and-a-half minutes. (Personal favorite is “Avarice.”) Listening to Condolence is like listening to Minor Threat’s Out of Step for the first time; though this is metal, it is as fit and shares the same energy as hardcore punk.

Condolence is also out now on Bandcamp via Red Truth Records.


MUNIR: Indonesian Disco



Not sure if MUNIR is intentionally named after Munir Said Thalib. If so, this adds an interesting political angle to this excellent disco music. If not, it’s still fun to turn your brain off and shake shake shake it. Check out more via Diskover Records.

From Bandcamp:

“DISKOVER is a sister-label of BHANG RECORDS focusing on dance music.”


Beeswax: Indonesian emo greats return with new music



Of all the bands on the Emotion, No compilation, Indonesia’s Beeswax was, until now, the hardest to track down. Not anymore! Recently, The Display premiered the new song “The Loaded Ashtray” and announced that their third LP is coming out soon.

The Malang four-piece has a great sound very much indebted to the specific emo and alternative bands they cite as influences (Casket Lottery, Braid, Cap’n Jazz, Maggat, Mock Orange, American Football, Title Fight, Pswingset, and Texas Is The Reason, to name a few).

From The Display:

“It has been a long time since the four-piece emo act released any new material. But now the wait is over as Bagas Yudhiswa (guitar/vocal), Iyok (guitar/vocal), Putra (bass/vocal) and Yayan (drum) have unveiled a new single titled “The Loaded Ashtray”. The song which is the first offer from the band’s upcoming third album displays an equally saddening thought as any other tracks. With their signature twinkling guitar sound, [the band opens] up about the memory of those who are gone.”

Beeswax: Facebook Twitter SoundCloud Bandcamp


lightcraft: “an antidote for rainy days, sleepless nights, mournful moments, lovelorn phases and sleepy mornings”



Jakarta’s beautifully moody lightcraft has released a new EP ‘Another Life’ ahead of its upcoming third LP. As someone who’s more familiar with Indonesia’s hardcore scene, finding a dreamy indie band that reminds me of the ‘Your Name’ soundtrack caught me off guard in the best way possible.

From the Bandcamp bio:

“a band that thrive under sadness and melancholia, inspiring them to craft their trademark anthemic melancholic sound, crafting atmospheric songs out of sadness and joy.”

lightcraft: Website Bandcamp Facebook Twitter YouTube




Balcony and Homicide’s “Memoar ’98” is an old song, released four years ago on the excellent Reunion EP released via Grimloc Records. Now we have a new music video for the Indonesian hardcore metal song that sounds like hardcore metal trying to do rap and doing it surprisingly well (we have Homicide to thank for that). According to Rolling Stone Indonesia, the music video is dedicated to Balcony’s late guitarist Rev. “Jojon” Permana, who passed away two years ago.

Balcony/Grimloc Records: Website SoundCloud Twitter

Modern Guns

modern guns


Modern Guns is an Indonesian melodic hardcore punk band based in Depok in the West Java province. Its new album, The Place Where I Left You (Armstretch Records), is worth the listen if you’re into Brand New, and you should be into Brand New (because they’re great!). You can check out the album on Spotify and iTunes as well.

The blend of emo, ambience, and punk works well here, whereas most bands fumble at sounding melodic and aggressive at the same time. Keep your eyes and ears out for more Modern Guns music coming out hopefully soon.

Modern Guns: Bandcamp Facebook Twitter