Bon Iver: “Beth/Rest” – The Version You Need To Hear

Last summer’s Bon Iver, the second album from the creative vehicle of Justin Vernon, just keeps growing on me.  While at first I wasn’t a huge fan of the band’s departure from the folkiness that made For Emma, Forever Ago so great, the expanded sound has grown more appealing over multiple listens.

One track that confused me at first was the album’s closer “Beth/Rest”.  It sounded like a Peter Gabriel B-side that had no place in Bon Iver’s catalog.  But then I saw them live and they killed the song, and soon “Beth/Rest” became one of my favorites off the album.

However, while the maxed out live version made me appreciate the song more, hearing the song stripped down to just piano made me absolutely love this song.

First here’s the song off the album.


Now here’s the “piano” version.


Now I hope you know what I mean when I say this is the version of “Beth/Rest” you need to hear.

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