Blick Bassy

Blick Bassy: Cameroon-raised, France-based musician further explores “Folk Afro Blues”

Blick Bassy


During his recent Bruxelles Ma Belle session, Cameroon-raised, France-based musician Blick Bassy sounds like the wind. He performs “Ndjé Yém” live with only a string man and a trombone player, both only coming in when absolutely needed. Bassy fills the air with his whistle and voice, at times gentle, humming, and even furious. He is a wondrous singer.

Bassy’s latest album is 2015’s Akö, and more info can be found on his website.

From Facebook:

“Blick describes the music on Akö as “FAB” or “Folk Afro Blues” music. It’s a title which perfectly explains the roots of the music, though does not hint at the inventiveness within. This is no attempt to simply emulate blues music. On Akö, Blick is proposing a completely new variant of the style. There are hints of gypsy swing on “Wap Do Wap”, beautiful atmospheric harmonies on “Aké” and the Malian folk music of Ali Farka Toure on tracks like “Tell Me” and “Mama”. Then there’s the final track, “Ndjel”, a sparse guitar motif overwhelmed at times by cello for a mesmerizing, menacing and truly original finale.”