An Incomplete and Bias list of 20 Music Websites That You Should Follow


The Internet is a big place. Most of the time it seems like a cruel and unusual vacuum that sucks away all your free time, but sometimes you find a place where you discover something great.

My job is to find great music and to share it with you while giving my personal spin in my presentation. Sometimes I need help finding those great tunes, and that’s when I turn to my fellow writers and editors who are also passionate about sharing new music.¬†These are some of the music websites that I like to visit whenever I want to hear something new. Some of these websites you may already follow, but I think each of these websites are worth checking out for various reasons.

A note about myself: I love rock, indie, and alternative artists, and that’s my bread and butter when it comes to discovering new music. I also enjoy rap, hip-hop, jazz, and country, but I don’t usually go out of my way to find hidden gems in those genres. I’d like to think that these websites cover a good base, but all these websites are skewed towards my own personal taste, so take this list with a grain of salt. I also know that I’m leaving out a lot of great blogs – please forgive me that I didn’t include [your favorite blog].

I also tried to stay away from some obvious picks (Pitchfork, Consequence of Sound, Brooklyn Vegan, Pigeons & Planes, etc).

This list is also alphabetically ordered and not ordered by “greatness”.


Austin Town Hall

The Deli (Philly)

Note: Each major city has their own Deli, but the Philly one is the most updated and it usually has the best music.



The Grey Estates


Indie Music Filter

Indie Shuffle

The Line of Best Fit

My Old Kentucky Blog

Quick Before it Melts

The Quietus

Rare Candy

Raven Sings The Blues

Silent Shout

Songlines Magazine

Sound Of Boston

Tiny Mix tapes