9/11: A Decade Later

I have no way of knowing the future, but I am confident enough to say that the biggest event to occur in my lifetime happened ten years ago today.

I remember that day very clearly.  I was about to get on the bus to go to school (this was the third grade) and I went up to my parent’s room to say goodbye.  On the TV the Today Show was on and was showing something unusual, two buildings on fire.  But these weren’t any buildings – these were the Twin Towers in New York City.  I asked her what was happening but she rushed me out of the room and onto the bus.  At school we were trying to figure out what had happened because none of the teachers were telling us anything.  One of my friends suggested that someone had blown up the buildings and I thought he was stupid – how do you blow up buildings as big as those?

The following days I began to put the pieces together and I began to make sense of the events that had occured.  I felt the world change that day.  There was something on September 12th that wasn’t there on the 10th.  There was an unnerving feeling, a hopeless feeling that everything we thought we knew had changed, and our belief that our country was untouchable was shattered.  I was so young, but I was old enough to understand that this was a day that changed everything.

Musically this day is also significant.  On September 11, 2001 Bob Dylan released Love and Theft, the middle album in a trio of comeback albums from the famous folk singer who proved to critics that he could still write great songs at 60 years old.  Also on this day Jay-Z released The Blueprint, considered by music critics and fans to be not only Jay-Z’s best album but also one of the greatest rap albums of all time.

I would like to play you guys a Bruce Springsteen song, “My City Of Ruins” from The Rising album.  Springsteen wrote this album in reflection of what happened today ten years ago.  This song from the album wasn’t written specifically about New York City, but it has slowly become an anthem for the city, and the country, that refused to back down in the face of terror.

Take some time today to pray for the families who were directly affected by these attacks and for all who serve our nation to keep us safe and free.

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