1,001 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die: Peaches – “Fuck the Pain Away”


Year: 2000

Album: The Teaches of Peaches

This song raises so many questions. Are you supposed to go clubbing to this music? Is this satire? Is this hip-hop? Is this electronic? Why the Andy Griffith Show?

When Billboard asked Peaches mastermind Merrill Nisker about her song’s seemingly out of place directness, she said that, “The music must first be good, then I can offend, make people think and make them dance…artist like Busta Rhymes and 50 Cent get away with so much more lyrically, without being questioned. But, because I’m a woman, there’s that double standard.”

The song has been featured in many popular movies and TV shows, including Lost in Translation, and Thom Yorke has claimed that this song inspired him to write “15 Step”.

Fun fact: Nisker used to be a school teacher before becoming a musician, so she’s serious when she’s saying, “Stay in school, cos it’s the best”.

Another fun fact: There is actually no official music video for this song – below was just a fan-made video, though I’m sure Nisker enjoys it.

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